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Eco Friendly Disposable Tableware:Biodegradable Tableware
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Eco Friendly Disposable Tableware:Biodegradable Tableware


GXFLIGHT's PLA products can be used with cold dishes and drinks of up to 40℃. Our CPLA products are more heat-resistant. According to the EN-13432 composting standard, our PLA products are 100% biodegradable and compostable. In an industrial composting facility under optimum conditions (oxygen, moisture, and heat), PLA will be fully composted in 8-12 weeks. Moreover, PLA is non-toxic and is made from a natural renewable resource. 

GXFLIGHT customizes disposable paper tableware, disposable wood tableware and disposable bamboo tableware for airlines around the world.

What is Biodegradable?

Degradable materials are materials that can be degraded in the sense of thermodynamics and kinetics in a period of time. According to the external factors of degradation, it can be divided into photodegradable materials, biodegradable materials, etc. The influencing factors mainly include temperature, molecular weight, material structure, etc.

GXFLIGHT provides disposable PLA cutleries, disposable wood cutleries and disposable bamboo cutleries worldwide.

Advantages of Biodegradable Materials

The potential advantages of using biodegradable starch as raw material to develop biodegradable plastics are: starch has complete biodegradability in various environments; After starch molecules in plastics are degraded or ashed, carbon dioxide gas is formed, which does not poison soil or air; The mechanical properties of plastic materials can be achieved by adopting an appropriate process to make starch thermoplastic; Starch is a renewable resource, which can be used continuously. Developing the utilization of starch is conducive to the development of the rural economy.

GXFLIGHT can provide a whole set of airline meal set made of biodegradable starch, including bowl, cup, dishes, cutlery etc.

Types of Biodegradable Tableware

GXFLIGHT biodegradable tableware are including:

Rotable PLA Tablewares


Rotable Rice Husk Tablewares


Disposable PLA Tablewares


Disposable Sugarcane Tablewares


Disposable Paper Tablewares


Disposable Wood Tableware


Disposable Bamboo Tablewares


Difference Between Recyclable and Biodegradable Tableware

Biodegradable tableware refers to tableware that can be enzymatically affected by natural environmental microorganisms (bacteria, molds and algae). It refers to tableware that can undergo biochemical reaction under the enzymatically affected by natural environmental microorganisms (bacteria, molds and algae), cause appearance mildew to internal quality change, and finally form carbon dioxide and water. Recyclable tablewares can be recycled, especially plastic tablewares, such as Disposable PET cups, Disposable PET lids, Reusable HPP Casseroles etc.