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Airplane Earbuds Earphone
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Airline Colorful Pu Foam Disposable Ear Plugs For Noise

Airplane Earbuds Earphone
Airplane Earbuds Earphone
Airplane Earbuds Earphone
  • Airplane Earbuds Earphone

Description of Airplane Earbuds Earphone

Wearing a pair of earplugs often plays an important role in protecting the ears at concerts, on airplanes, on trains, or in other places with a lot of noise.

You can put on earplugs anywhere, for example in crowded supermarkets, convenience stores, even at celebrations and concerts, or other places where music is loud. The earplugs weigh only a few grams, but they can protect your hearing ability for ten years. Most earplugs can reduce the volume of noise by 20-30 decibels.

Generally speaking, the familiar earplugs are made of soft foam material. Other types of earplugs are made of soft silicone, which can provide double protection for the ears, which is both noise and water resistant.

Airplane Earbuds Earphone Specifications

Title:Airline colorful PU foam disposable ear plugs for noise

Product Name:Airplane Earbuds
Application:Noisy Working, hotel or flight on board
Material:PU foam/Silicon
Size:25 x 20mm
Supply Ability:5000000 Pairs per Month
Package:100pair in bag,50bags in carton
Shipment Port:Guangdong
Delivery Time:about 25days according to different quantity
Features:1、Airline superior quality colorful disposable ear plug
2、Eco-friendly silicon and soft enough to fill in the ear
3、As an important element of amenity kit bag
4、Colors can be customized for optional
5、Elegant designs can be with logo printed on the package

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