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Our extensive airline products offer convenience to both passengers and crew, tailored to fit every customer without compromising on quality and cost-effectiveness, from tablewares to comfort items, from disposable to rotable, from below zero to high heat-resistant products in the oven. Delivery of renewable and compostable solutions highlights not only our commitment to the environment but also a promise to our sustainable future.

GXFLIGHT is specializing in the production of airline products like disposable biodegradable tableware, and our company has developed many airline food packaging products to meet different market needs.

We are committed to protecting the environment by providing reusable or compostable airline products – PLA tablewares, bagasse casserole, corn starch tableware set, wooden cutleries, bamboo cutleries etc. These airplane comfort items are the perfect replacement for petroleum-based plastic cutlery.

We can customize your environmental protection airline products according to your market characteristics and provide a going green solution.