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Airplane Comfort Items
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Description of Airplane Comfort Items

Premium quality air travel comfort kit items promise a better passenger experience. We, as one of biodegradable tableware suppliers, offer an extensive selection of airplane comfort products, including airline pillow, blanket, headrest cover, hot towel, air sickness bag and headphone. Even the idea of traveling abroad can be exhausting when you think about sitting in an uncomfortable airplane seat for long periods of time. Especially for economy class flights, it's vital to your physical and mental well-being to carry some airplane comfort products/ kit. No matter the situation, every part of your trip should be great (or at least tolerable)! So you may choose some airplane comfort items that can prepare for your next long-haul flight!

Airplane Comfort Products to Make Your Next Flight More Comfortable

1、Airplane Travel Blankets. Airline blankets help improve the sleep quality of passengers and effectively provide a more comfortable environment.

2、Airline Pillow. It helps to relieve pressure, help sleep, avoid jugular vein compression, and reduce travel fatigue

3、Hot Towel. Use a hot towel on your face or hands to ease your travel fatigue.

4、Headphones, earplugs.  Block out disturbing noises with a good pair of earplugs or headphones and get a few hours of quality shut-eye.

5、Headrest cover. It provides passengers with a hygienic and comfortable ride.

6、Airsickness vomit bags are used to prevent passengers from vomiting on the plane, and can also be used to hold garbage.