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Headrest Cover
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Headrest Cover

Airline seat covers and headrest covers are used to protect the seats and headrests on airplanes from wear and tear. Seat covers are typically made of a durable, easy-to-clean material such as vinyl or leather, and they are designed to fit snugly over the seats to protect them from spills, stains, and other types of damage. Airplane headrest covers are used to protect the headrests on seats, which can also become worn or dirty over time. 

Airline seat covers and headrest covers are used in a variety of settings, including commercial airplanes, private jets, and other types of aircraft. Airline seat covers and plane headrest covers are an important part of maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of an aircraft, and flight headrest covers and seat covers can also help to extend the life of the seats and headrests by protecting them from damage.

GXflight, as a professional airplane headrest cover manufacturer and supplier, produces different types of the airplane seat and head covers, including Reusable Pu Leather Airplane Headrest Covers, Reusable Cotton Airplane Headrests Cover, Reusable Polyester Airplane Headrests Cover, and disposable headrest covers. If you are interested, welcome to contact us!

Airplane Headrest Cover for Sale

Description of Reusable PU Leather Airplane Headrest Cover

Airline headrest cover are used to cover the seat to keep clean and higene, disposable headrest covers airlines can be made with non-woven fabric, polyester, leather etc. To be designed of different attachment such as taslin line, hook and loop fastener, double adhesive tape etc. The Logo could be printed on the airline headrest covers as required.

By repeated using, the PU headrest covers/airplane headrest protectors are inexpensive and ideal choice for inflight service, facilities where personal hygiene protection is required.

Any color, size, weight ,attachment etc are all subject to your request.