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Rotable Full Size Atlas Tray
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Catering Anti Slip Abs Airline Atlas Tray

Rotable Atlas Full Size Tray
Rotable Atlas Full Size Tray
Rotable Atlas Full Size Tray
  • Rotable Atlas Full Size Tray
  • Rotable Full Size Atlas Tray
  • Atlas Airline Tray
  • Atlas Airline Food Tray
  • Atlas Airline Food Trays
  • Full Siza Atlas Airline Food Tray
  • Full Siza Atlas Airline Food Trays

Rotable Full Size Atlas Airline Tray Specifications

Title:Catering anti-slip ABS atlas airline food tray
Product Name:Atlas ABS non-slip tray for airline
Application:Airline Meal Serving
Size:1/1 Atlas tray 275×380×15mm
Weight:1/1 Atlas tray 290g
Supply Ability:20,000set
Package:In polyethene bags and cartons(can be customized)
Shipment Port:Shenzhen, China
Delivery Time:About 30days
Features:1) The material of Atlas airline food tray is non-toxic, odorless and heat-resistance.
2) Full size Atlas food trays can be customized according to customer's requirements.

Description of Rotable Full-Size Atlas Tray

Full-size Atlas airline food trays are one of our superior products that have been supplied to airlines with consistent quality. 1/1, 2/3 and 1/2 are widely used by most airlines. The full size Atlas trays can save fuel costs, make them lighter in weight and can be customized in colors to match the airline's main colors.

The non-slip surface of airline food trays is effective in balancing casseroles, cups, bowls, plates and other tableware over bumps. Anti-slip angle: 30° (loading target food weight 250g)

Customer logo can be embossed anywhere on the product according to different requirements.

Our wide range of full-size tray offers convenience to passengers and crew, tailored to meet the needs of each customer without compromising quality and cost-effectiveness, from tableware to comfort items, from disposable to rotatable, from below-zero to highly heat-resistant product ovens. Delivering renewable and compostable solutions underscores not only our commitment to the environment, but also to a sustainable future.

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