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Wooden Cutlery
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Biodegradable Disposable Wooden Cutlery Sets

Wooden Disposable Utensils
Wooden Disposable Utensils
Wooden Disposable Utensils
  • Wooden Disposable Utensils
  • Disposable Wooden Cutlery Sets

Biodegradable Disposable Wooden Cutlery Sets Specifications

Title:160mm disposable wooden cutlery spoon fork knife
Product Name:Disposable Wooden Cutlery Sets
Application:airline, train, hotel
Size:knife: 165mm
fork: 160mm
spoon: 160mm
Color:natural color
MOQ:100000 Sets
Supply Ability:3000 Cartons per Month
Package:100pcs/bag,100bags/ctn,Custom packaging
Shipment Port:Shanghai, Ningbo
Delivery Time:About 25 to 45 days according to different quantity
Features:food contact safe
biodegradable compostable,eco-friendly,sustainable
Disposable,smooth,clean,nature smell, healthy

Description of Biodegradable Disposable Wooden Cutlery Sets

Wooden tableware provides people with ideal disposable tableware that is non-toxic, harmless, hygienic, lightweight, and inexpensive. Disposable wooden cutlery has the characteristics of rich resources, mechanized production, large output, fast speed, exquisite workmanship, easy storage, and transportation. The waste can be burned without causing environmental pollution, and the natural texture of the wood is maintained, which has a high practical Appreciation of performance and crafts value. Wooden disposable utensils like wooden stirrers and wooden disposable forks can be widely used in family, travel, public restaurant, and the fast-food industry. Wooden disposable utensils are a kind of hygienic tableware favored by people.

Q: Is wooden cutlery better than plastic?

Yes, the wooden disposable utensils produced by GXFLIGHT are 100% biodegradable. They are the great alternatives to disposable plastic cutlery to follow the EU's ban on single-use plastics.

Q: Can you recycle wooden cutlery?

The answer is yes, you can take the disposable wooden cutlery to a recycling center and put it in the recycling bins. But there is a better way to dispose of the wooden tableware, that is to compost it.

Q: Are wooden utensils better for the environment?

Yes, wooden disposable utensils are 100% compostable. Our wooden knife/fork/spoon/stirrer is made from FSC-certified birch wood. It is 100% natural, with no chemicals, toxins, or glazes. By switching to eco-friendly wooden cutlery, you can help to reduce the number of plastic cutleries sent to landfills, which helps protect our ocean and land.  Biodegradable and compostable disposable wooden cutlery sets are able to handle cold, hot, or oily food perfectly. Thus, it is ideal to use disposable wooden cutlery sets at airlines/trains where an eco-friendly option is necessary but washing up is not an option.

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