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  • Process Principle of Cornstarch Tableware
    Oct 19,2020
    Cornstarch disposable cutlery is a kind of environmental friendly tableware with corn starch as raw material, which is degradable, non-toxic and tasteless after heating and can be safely used.Cornstar...
  • Identify the Cornstarch Disposable Cutlery
    Oct 16,2020
    What is cornstarch disposable cutlery? Do you have a lot of questions?The cornstarch disposable cutlery is a kind of biodegradable tableware which is made of corn starch as the main raw material and p...
  • Environmental Protection Tableware: Biodegradable Disposable Tableware
    Oct 13,2020
    Because the foam disposable lunch boxes are not resistant to high temperatures, and they will do damage to the environment during the production process, it has been eliminated, and the long-term use ...
  • Airline Fleece Blanket Brings You Warmth and Comfort
    Oct 10,2020
    The wool blanket refers to the blanket made of wool. The wool blanket has good air permeability. When people lie on it, the pores between the fibers under the wool surface form an air flowing layer, w...
  • This Blanket Is Fireproof!
    Oct 07,2020
    This blanket is fireproof and flame retardant, which shows that it is a good helper to escape at the critical moment!The fire retardant blanket is made of glass fiber and other materials after special...
  • Choosing Good Travel Blanket for Plane Makes Airline Have No Worries
    Oct 04,2020
    A comfortable blanket is essential for every family. A comfortable travel blanket for plane can provide customers with warmth and comfort all the way through a long journey. The following parts will t...
  • Types of Travel blankets for Plane
    Oct 01,2020
    At present, there are many kinds of travel blankets for plane on the market, such as wool blankets, artificial blankets, blended blankets, acrylic blankets. 1. Artificial blanketsIt is made of cotton ...