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  • Using Sugarcane Dinnerware in the Food Service Industry
    Mar 14,2023
    Sugarcane dinnerware comprises sugarcane fibers and is a biodegradable and compostable type of dinnerware. It presents an eco-friendly substitute to conventional plastic or paper dinnerware, which may...
  • Biodegradable Tableware: A Solution to Plastic Pollution
    Mar 14,2023
    Plastic pollution has become a global environmental concern, with over 8 million tons of plastic waste ending up in the oceans each year. Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, and its disposal...
  • Features of Airline Wood Cutlery Set
    Feb 09,2023
    1. gxflight airline wood cutlery setThe airline wood cutlery set provides people with ideal disposable tableware that is non-toxic, harmless, hygienic, light and cheap. Disposable wooden tableware has...
  • Sustainability in Airline Wood Cutlery Sets
    Feb 02,2023
    Single-use plastics pose real long-term risks to the environment and humans. Disposable wooden utensils are a sustainable alternative. Airline wood cutlery sets are a sustainable way to reduce our rel...
  • Using Airline Paper Meal Boxes in Life
    Jan 12,2023
    Plastic is affordable and durable, which is the main reason we've stuck with it for decades for our food and other packaging needs. But as the world's need for biodegradable products becomes m...
  • Use Airiline Paper Meal Boxes As Takeaway Boxes
    Jan 05,2023
    1. Environmentally friendly airline paper meal boxPaper takeaway food boxes are environmentally friendly and are used as an alternative to health-hazardous plastic food containers. These boxes are ava...
  • The Benefits of Using Paper Food Packaging
    Nov 22,2022
    When paper food packaging first hit the market, people began to realize that paper could be a sustainable and biodegradable alternative to plastic. As more and more people want to use paper instead of...