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  • Our solution to the European ban on single-use plastics in 2021
    May 26,2021
    What will be the extent of the EU legislation surrounding single-use plastic?⚠️Single-use plastics will be banned in Europe by 2021.Plastic straws and beverage containers will be banned in Europe by 2021...
  • Why Do Flight Attendants Often Put Airline Refreshing Towels in Their Bags?
    May 20,2021
    1. Airline refreshing towels in the flight attendant's bagIt's believe that some friends who have taken an airplane must be very interested in the good-looking flight attendants on the airplan...
  • Do You Know Airline Refreshing Towels?
    May 13,2021
    1. Classification of airline refreshing towelsWith the change of people's living habits and the improvement of the quality of life, refreshing towels have basically been widely used in our lives, ...
  • Airsickness Bag, Security of Every Flight
    May 08,2021
    Motion sickness is real, the development of larger aircraft and advances in design have reduced the occurrence of air sickness, this has led to airsickness bags being given a secondary use as general ...
  • The Role of Airline Refreshing Towel is More Than Just Wiping Hands
    May 06,2021
    1. About airline refreshing towelsSince the outbreak of the COVID-19 until now, people have paid more and more attention to the hygiene conditions they come into contact with after going out. How many...
  • Preparation and Methods for Sterilization
    Apr 30,2021
    Disposal process of reusable medical instruments, appliances and articles: sterilization.1. Prepare according to the following requirements before sterilization:(1) Safety check should be carried out ...
  • Sugarcane Casserole, an Innovation to Sustainability
    Apr 20,2021
    Airlines' demands for environmentally friendly products are challenging, GXFLIGHT has developed heatable sugarcane casseroles that are 100% plant-based and compostable.The innovative casseroles ar...