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  • What Is Glassware
    Jan 14,2022
    Glassware consists of objects made of glass, such as bowls, and ornaments, especially drinking glasses.What Are The Different Types Of GlasswareIn terms of material, glassware has four main different ...
  • Why Is It Good To Make Cutlery Out Of Stainless Steel
    Jan 14,2022
    Stainless steel cutlery is broken-resistant, hard, durable, beautiful and easy to clean.Benefits Of Using Stainless Steel CutleryFirst, GXFLIGHT's stainless steel cutlery is non-oxidized and corro...
  • New Tableware: Airline Sugarcane Casserole
    Jan 05,2022
    With the introduction of the European Union's disposable plastic directive, airlines are under pressure to find alternatives to environmental protection products for plastic tableware, stirrers, a...
  • Biodegradable Airline Sugarcane Casserole
    Dec 21,2021
    The airline sugarcane casserole can be used in microwaves, ovens, and refrigerators. It can withstand 100℃ hot water and 120℃ hot oil. Airline sugarcane casserole tableware is waterproof and oil-pro...
  • Gxflight Eco-Cutlery: a Sustainable Dinnerware
    Dec 17,2021
    Recently, the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee announced that, in order to fully implement the "green, shared, open, clean" Olympic Games hosting concept, uphold the "sustain...
  • Can the Airline Aluminum Foil Sheet Be Put into the Microwave Oven?
    Dec 07,2021
    Ⅰ. Introduction of the airline aluminum foil sheetIn recent years, many families are not satisfied with the traditional cooking ways, including fried, stir-fried, and deep-fried. They have bought ove...
  • How Does Aviation Aluminum Foil Sheet Keep Food Warm? Is It Safe?
    Nov 18,2021
    Have you ever wondered how aviation aluminum foil sheet can keep food warm, or is it safe to store food in aviation aluminum foil sheet for a long time? Whether it's office lunch or college lunch,...