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PLA Cutlery
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PLA Compostable Cutlery Fork Spoons Knife

PLA Cutlery Supplier
PLA Cutlery Supplier
PLA Cutlery Supplier
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PLA Cutlery Specification

Title:PLA Compostable Cutlery Fork Spoons Knife
Product Name:PLA cutlery
Application:airline, train, hotel
Material:PLA (Polylactic Acid)
Size:knife 180mm, fork 170mm, spoon 160mm
Weight:knife: 4.5g, fork: 4.5g, spoon: 4.5g
Supply Ability:40000 Set/Sets per Day
Shipment Port:Shanghai, Ningbo
Delivery Time:About 25 to 45 days according to different quantity
Features:food contact safe
biodegradable compostable

Description of PLA Cutlery

PLA is a CORN-based compostable bioplastic, a definitely environmentally friendly alternative to petrochemical originated plastic polymers and can be used to make a wide range of eco-disposable products including cutleries, cups, lids, straws and compostable cutlery.

The PLA cutlery can be biodegraded under composting conditions, effectively reducing white pollution in the environment. The sturdy feel of biodegradable coffee stirrers, PLA knife, PLA fork and PLA spoons is suitable for the safe use of commercial, retail and institutional catering service operations.

Our PLA utensils are 100% certified biodegradable/compostable, with properties similar to polypropylene (PP).

Our sustainable cutlery set can withstand temperatures from -35 ^ /-20 ° 0 to 185 ° F / 85 ° C.

Health white. 

As a professional PLA cutlery manufacturer, we also take customized orders with custom colors (certified compostable).

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