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Airline Fleece Blanket
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Airline Fleece Blanket

Buy Airline Fleece Blanket
Buy Airline Fleece Blanket
Buy Airline Fleece Blanket
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Airline Fleece Blanket Specifications

Title:Airline Fleece Blanket
Product Name:Airline Fleece Blanket
Application:For Sleeping
Size:Dimension: 200*150cm
Supply Ability:10,000pcs/day
Shipment Port:Ningbo, China
Delivery Time:about 35days
Features:With or without flame retardant, soft, luxurious, different choices for economy/business/first class

Description of Airline Fleece Blanket

The best travel blankets can keep passengers warm and comfortable on flights, with various material and design options.

This kind of airline blankets for sale is made of warm material fleece, with a creative design and a high level of comfort. Our airline fleece blanket can be used while sleeping in a variety of different locations and will keep you warm in many situations – especially during airplane travel and layover.

As a professional Airline Fleece Blanket supplier, GXflight has high-quality airline fleece blankets for sale. Our airplane fleece fabric can be customized in different sizes, colors, and logos. The fire retardant fleece blanket, the non-flame retardant fleece blanket, the soft airline fleece blanket, and the luxurious airline fleece blanket are available. Various choices for economy/business/first class. Our exquisite Airline Fleece Blanket offers convenience and comfort to both passengers and flight crew. As an experienced airline products supplier, GXflight is committed to providing good products for airlines and helping them improve their service quality. If you are looking for high-quality airline blankets for sale and a reliable airline fleece blanket supplier, GXflight is your ideal choice. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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