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Description of Chinaware

Our airline chinaware designs can be adapted to meet your requirements and merge seamlessly with your brand, it is specially made for airline travel. The premium tableware is so luxurious and romantic. When you dress up to fly on the airlines, you will enjoy the meal with using the amazing and perfect airline porcelain tablewares. 

Our chinaware can also be used for Hotel, Restaurant, Home, Banquethall, Buffet, Cafe, Bar, Wedding, Coffee shop, Mall, Leisurevenues, Casinos, Publicsector(Education, Health, Government establishments), Center, Event.

Our airline porcelain tableware is light, strong and durable, a perfect cost-effective solution. Size, color, and logo could be customized. We also offer premium tableware as reusable food containers.

Our chinaware line consists of items made from super quality materials in modern designs to create and realize customer value on-board.

How to Maintain and Store Chinaware

It is important to take good care of your chinaware to reduce replacement costs.

Here is the care, maintenance and storage of chinaware.

Never stack chinaware dishes higher than 12" on a shelf. Use a plate dispenser or plate caddy for easy storage.

Stack porcelain tableware on top of each other and place cups on shelves. Always place chinaware directly into shelves.

Store chinaware in the food plating area on or below shelves made of non-magnetic stainless steel.

Use plastic or rubber spatulas, scrubbers and sponges to remove food on this reusable food containers.

Load similar items into cutlery racks. Do not fill with loose, mixed items.

Avoid wet nesting (storing chinaware dishes when they are wet). Always dry porcelain tableware according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Remember to always follow the manufacturer's care, maintenance and storage instructions for best results.

Porcelain Tableware FAQ

Q:Does your porcelain tableware have a high alumina content?

Alumina is a durable compound that acts as a partial replacement for silica, making the final product whiter and harder. High alumina bodies offer a variety of benefits, such as increased strength and resistance to chipping or breakage as well as improved thermal conductivity, which helps porcelain tableware to keep food warm for longer. Gxflight premium dinnerware lines do offer this additional benefit.

Q:Is your chinaware fully vitrified?

Fully vitrified means that your tableware is non-porous. Fully vitrified chinaware is stronger and thinner than dinnerware fired at lower temperatures. Fully vitrified chinaware do not absorb water, which reduces the internal stresses caused by expansion and contraction. This helps prevent breakage of chinaware and ensures that your porcelain tableware will have a long life under normal use.