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Paper Tray Mat
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High Quality Custom Logo Airline Anti-slip Paper Tray Mat

Anti-Slip Tray Mat Bulk
Anti-Slip Tray Mat Bulk
Anti-Slip Tray Mat Bulk
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Anti-slip Paper Tray Mat Specifications

Title:High Quality Custom Logo Airline Anti-slip Tray Mat
Product Name:Disposable Products, Anti-slip Tray Mat
Application:Airlines, trains, boats
Material:Paper with non-slip coating
Size:25.5cm*16cm, 24.5cm*35cm or customized
Weight:60 to 80gsm
Color:White, yellow, blue or customized
Supply Ability:400,00pcs/day
Shipment Port:Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
Delivery Time:Within 20 to 60 days based on different quantity
Features:The non slip tray mat provides excellent printing, a clean and safe non-slip effect, and prevents glasses and dishes from sliding on an angle of 30-45°, welcome tailored orders, optional rectangle & round shape, straight & round corner

Description of Anti-slip Paper Tray Mat

Usually, an anti-slip tray mat is a mat or pad that is used to prevent items from slipping or sliding on a tray or other flat surface. It is typically made of a flexible material such as rubber or silicone, and has a textured or patterned surface that provides grip and traction.

As for airline anti-slip tray mat, paper tray mats are always used. An anti-slip paper tray mat is a type of tray mat that is made of paper and has an anti-slip coating or treatment applied to the surface. It is designed to provide grip and traction on a tray or other flat surface, while also being disposable and easy to use.

Offset and kraft paper and anti-slip glue are widely used to make airline anti-slip tray mats. Offset paper has low stretchability, good smoothness and even absorption of ink, a tight texture, good whiteness, and strong water resistance. Kraft paper is not easy to tear, water-resistant, and smoothy. Our anti-slip glue can keep glasses and dishes from sliding on Angle 30-45°.

GXFlight has rich experience to supply anti-slip tray mats to different airlines all over the world for decades. Our clients include but are not limited to Singapore Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Air Tanzania, etc. Our tray mat paper is waterproof, anti-slip, environmental, and practical. If you are looking for suitable anti-slip paper tray mats, GXflight will be your best choice. We offer you customizable anti-slip trap mats. You can customize your paper tray mat according to colors, patterns, logo, etc. We also have rectangle paper tray mats, round-shape anti-slip tray mats, non slip tray mats with straight corners, and tray mat paper with round corners for you to choose from.

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