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Non Woven Ice Cooler Bag
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Non Woven Ice Cooler Bag

Insulated Bag
Insulated Bag
Insulated Bag
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  • Non Woven Ice Cooler Bag

Non Woven Ice Cooler Bag Specifications

Title:Non Woven Ice Cooler Bag
Product Name:Insulated Ice Cooler Bag
Application:For airline cabin crew use,food carrier
Material:Non Woven  and aluminum inside
Size:377*215*210 mm
Supply Ability:2,000pcs per day
Ctn Size:78*48*55 cm
Gross Weight:21 kg
Shipment Port:Tianjin, Shanghai
Delivery Time:About 25 to 40 days according to different quantity
Features:Food grade, insulated.
Lightweight, reusable.
Collapsible for ease of storage.
Portable for carriage of frozen and hot food.
Long hours of thermal insulation.

Description of Non Woven Ice Cooler Bag

Also known as Ice Cream Bag, is a bag made of layered PET Alu-Foil with 10mm diameter bubbles thick material. It is an rectangular bag with flip-over zipped lid, two durable nylon webbing handles are sewed on the bag body for carry. One corrugated paper cardboard vertical supports and two cardboard horizontal separators also included in each ice cooler bag. A zipped compartment for dry ice cooling is incorporated.

Why use Ice Cooler Bag?

As we know that serving ice creams on board can be a tough cookie, but how do we keep it cool in aircraft?

Ice cooler bag is our solution, with features as below:

1. Good insulting properties. Internal temperature of the bag filled with dry ice to keep foods cold for hours.

2. Food grade. For different kinds of foods carry, including ice creams.

3. Lightweight, portable for storing ice creams and other foods, collapsible after use that is ease of storage.

4. Reusable, industrial washes available.

5. Large capacity, strong enough to hold three layers of ice creams in cups or bowls.

6. Reinforced bottom, extra durability.

Other applications:

The insulated aluminum foil ice cooler bag can not only be used in aircraft, but also can be used for picnic, road trip, going to the beach, or hike right, and more. The bag is available for various foods carry and delivery.

Ice cream bag's design and construction is customizable.

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