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Airline Ceramic Tableware Set
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Inflight Fine China Ceramic Tableware Set

Airline Ceramic Tableware Set
Airline Ceramic Tableware Set
Airline Ceramic Tableware Set
  • Airline Ceramic Tableware Set
  • Airline Ceramic Tableware Kit
  • Airline China Ceramic Tableware Set
  • Airline China Ceramic Tableware Kit

Description of Airline Ceramic Tableware Set 

The modern design of our ceramic tableware is made for airline travel, and it is so luxurious and romantic. When you dress up to fly on the airlines, you will enjoy the meal using the amazing and perfect ceramic tableware.

Our ceramic tableware is also able to be used for hotel, restaurant, home,  banquet hall, buffet, Cafe, bar, wedding, coffee shop, mall, leisure venues, casinos, public sector (education, health, government establishments), center, event.

Size, color, and logo could be customized.

Our extensive products offer convenience to both passengers and crew, tailored to fit every customer without compromising on quality and cost-effectiveness, from tablewares to comfort items, from disposable to rotatable, from below zero to high heat-resistant products in the oven. Delivery of renewable and compostable solutions highlights not only our commitment to the environment, but also a promise to our sustainable future.

Airline Ceramic Tableware Set Specifications

Title:Inflight Fine China Ceramic Tableware Set
Product Name:Ceramic tableware
Application:First Class, Business Class
Material:Porcelain, ceramic, bone china, new bone china, stoneware
Weight:As per request
Supply Ability:5000pcs/day
Shipment Port:Guangzhou
Delivery Time:About 35days
Features:Diverse designs, rotatable, dishwasher safe

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