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Airline Trolley
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Airline Trolley

Airline catering trolley, also known as airline galley cart, airplane trolley, airline cart, or airline waste trolley, is a small serving cart made of high-grade aluminum alloy. The airline trolleys are used by cabin crew in the aircraft for catering foods, beverages, airline meals to passengers. There are three standards and designs: Atlas, KSSU, and ACE. There are caster wheels at each corner to make sure the airplane trolley can rotate for 360 degrees. The brake system can hold the lightweight trolley in position.  As a professional airplane trolley supplier, GXFLIGHT has high-quality airline catering trolley for sale, including the Atlas aircraft catering cart and the Kssu aircraft catering cart.  If you want to buy airline catering cart, welcome to click the links below and check the details about our aircraft trolley for sale. Or you can contact us directly.

Airplane Trolley for Sale

History of Airline Trolley

Introduced to the airline service system in the late 1960s, the airplane trolley was mainly designed to meet the needs of large "widebody" airplanes at the beginning. As the number of passengers on an airplane gradually rises with the development of the aircraft industry, the traditional way of serving meals with human hands could no longer satisfy the needs of the modern airline service systems. Eventually, the airline waste trolley has made its entrance into the world. As a professional airplane trolley supplier, Gxflight can provide you with high-quality airline galley carts with high standards.

What Are Airplane Trolley Made of?

So as to meet the requirements of airplane services, the airplane trolley produced by Gxflight is made of high-grade aluminum alloys. With lighter weight, our airline waste trolley is easier to handle and operate. Moreover, since the alloy we use is highly durable, the service time of our airline galley cart is also very long. 

GXflight reduced-weight flight trolleys for sale are made of high-grade aluminum alloys extrusions and sheets. With stainless steel hardware and insulation foams, our airline food trolley for sale has high security and stability and meets fire protection requirements.

GXflight airline catering cart has been launched for many years and has always been our best seller. Our flight trolleys for sale find good sale find in all parts of the world, such as America, Europe, Japan, Korea, etc., and have won the trust and high opinion of customers deeply.  If you want to buy a high-quality airline catering trolley, welcome to contact us. Our flight trolleys for sale can definitely meet your needs.