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PLA Tableware Set
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100% Biodegradable PLA Tableware For Inflight Catering

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PLA Tableware Specification

Title:100% biodegradable PLA airline food container
Product Name:biodegradable PLA tableware set
Application:Airline food serving
Size:Coffee Cup  Size: φ82 mm X φ58mm X H43mm
Salad Bowl Size: 112 X 86 X 32 mm
Salad Plate  Size: 156 X 91 X 23 mm
Under Plate  Size: 160 X 102 X 22 mm
Weight:Coffee Cup  : 28g
Salad Bowl : 27g
Salad Plate  : 39g
Under Plate  : 53g
Supply Ability:25000~50000/month
Package:As customers's request
Shipment Port:Shanghai, Ningbo
Delivery Time:About 15 to 30 days according to different quantity
Features:100% biodegradable
Food grade
Anti-bacteria & Anti-molding
Working temperature: -5℃ - 85℃

Description of PLA Tableware

PLA, also known as polylactic acid, is derived from corn-based resin, a nontoxic and renewable resource.

This eco-friendly material is now widely used in packaging and tableware. It can be a natural burial or compost wherever microorganisms exist, leaving only carbon dioxide and water after a biodegrading period of at least 3 to 6 months.

It is not only an effective solution to the environment but also a healthy and safe product to human beings.

Our airline food container is made of a material extracted from natural plants such as corn and sugar beets. It is completely eco-friendly plastic and can be biodegraded after composting. The tableware made of polylactic acid is non-toxic and harmless, and its heat resistance is within a certain range. Our PLA food containers meet the requirements of EN13432 and SGS testing.

The aviation PLA tableware refers to the disposable plastic tableware used for providing fast food to customers on the aircraft and is a relatively high-grade compostable food container. The aviation industry is a high-end service industry, so it is generally selected to match the biodegradable food container products that meet certain standards in appearance, comfort, environmental protection and safety. Our company has launched a new type of airline food containers. The meal tableware is made of degradable PLA material. This kind of bioplastic allows the meal trays to be put into the garbage disposal device together with food residues, thus eliminating the need for pre-sorting. This product is smaller and lighter than similar compostable container, which saves the space occupied by the aircraft, extends the shelf life of food, and simplifies handling operations.

We make our efforts to seek harmonious existence between human and nature, we are committed to global environmental protection through unremitting efforts.

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