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Plastic Tableware
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Description of Plastic Tableware

Plastic disposable tableware is one of our advantage item, which have been supplied to airlines with stable quality. Airline rotable tableware set including food serving tray, hot meal casserole, coffee cup, salad bowl, plate and cutlery set are widely used by many airlines, it will be fuel cost-saving to make it in light weight, and color can be customized to match the airlines' main colors.

Bio-Colors could be available for inflight rotable tableware such as cup, bowl, and plates. Customer logo could be embossed on bottom.

According to its composition, plastic tableware mainly in airline field can be divided into the following types: ulterm(high heat resistant), ABS, SAN, PS, PP and so on, often used to make reusable food containers, food Serving Tray, reusable cutlery, ABS Cup, ABS bowl etc.

Our reusable plastic tableware is of the extraordinary quality required to make the economy class service stand out from the rest.

Advantages of Gxflight Plastic Airline Tableware

Create a charming setting at a competitive price with plastic disposable dinnerware from Gxflight. As one of the professional plastic tableware manufacturers, Gxflight produces high-quality airline dinnerware which are a beautiful set of dishes and tableware that combine to create a unique set of dishes. 

Our plastic disposable dinnerware are made from quality materials typically used for family dinners and formal occasions with a sophisticated style. Plastic airline tableware comes in different colors and sizes depending on the set. Gxflight can customize your plastic tableware and create a beautiful display set to catch everyone's attention.

Gxflight plastic tableware are made of durable and sturdy materials that will last for a long time. The shiny finish of the plastic tableware makes them easy to clean and maintain. Available in pairs, this plastic airline tableware including SAN rotable reusable plastic tableware set and Airline Atlas Tray create stunning meals for customers and provide them with the best dining experience.

In addition, airline dinnerware is easy to stack, thus creating or helping to save space. This plastic tableware are heat resistant and can withstand high temperatures. Their resistance to scratching or chipping also makes them the best items to have in the kitchen. Designed for dense and durable materials for long-term use. This plastic airline tableware make it easy to create well-stocked or put-together tables. 

As a professional airline plastic products manufacturer, Gxflight has high-quality stylish and elegant plastic tableware sets as airline plates and crockery for sale at an affordable price in Gxflight. Contact us now to learn more about the airline plates for sale!

Plastic Tableware Pictures

Plastic Tableware Design
Plastic Tableware Design