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100ml Hand Sanitizer
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Antibacterial 75% alcohol 100ml Hand Sanitizer Gel bottle

100ml Hand Sanitizer
100ml Hand Sanitizer
100ml Hand Sanitizer
  • 100ml Hand Sanitizer

100ml Hand Sanitizer Specifications

Title:Antibacterial 75% alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel bottle
Product Name:Rinse-free Hand disinfectant sanitizer bottle
Application:Anti-Bacterial Basic Clean
Material:Alcohol, Water, Propanediol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine
Size:30ml 50ml 60ml 100ml as your require
Supply Ability:50,000pcs per month
Ctn Size:41*41*14.5cm
Gross weight:11.3kg
Shipment Port:Shanghai, Guanghzhou
Delivery Time:About 25 to 60 days according to different quantity
Features:rinse-free, washess Gel

Description of 100ml Hand Sanitizer

Whether at the door of the company or the community, disinfectant hand sanitizers are indispensable. Our hands are almost always in contact with things. If you do not wash your hands in time, bacteria and harmful substances are likely to pass through the mouth or eyes to induce corresponding diseases. Therefore, it is also necessary to have disinfectant hand sanitizer at home.

This 100ml hand sanitizer comes in a small 100ml bottle. A small bottle is easy to carry around. It contains 75% alcohol and effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria. It is very convenient to take it with you when you go out. After pressing the elevator and opening the door handle, squeeze a little out in time to clean your hands. It takes about 10 seconds to dry your hands. The smell of alcohol is almost unscented, clean and refreshing. I feel that people really feel more secure in this extraordinary period.

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