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Description of Hot Towel Airplane

You may wonder why hot towels on planes and what do you do with hot towel on plane. Hot Towel Airplane is a revolutionary new product designed to keep passengers comfortable during their travels. It is a portable, lightweight device that fits into any overhead bin and heats up to a comfortable temperature. The purpose of hot towel on plane is that it can be used to provide a hot towel service during flight, as well as a refreshing mist of warm air. The Hot Towel Airplane is equipped with an adjustable temperature control, so you can find the perfect temperature for your needs. Additionally, the device features an automatic shutoff in case of overheating. The Hot Towel Airplane is perfect for long flights, as it can ensure passengers stay comfortable throughout the journey.

Airplane hot towel could provide passengers that "special" treatment they deserve! A hot towel during flight is a perfect way to care the passengers. Our hot towels on planes are perfect for large airlines or smaller, more personalized airplane travel.

They are a single use airplane hot towel available with essential scents, like lemon, lavendar or unscented.

Serving suggestion: Heat desired number of airplane towels in on-board with hot watering, microwave or oven and present them to the passenger.

The best way to present your White Towel Services Luxury Towels is with a Serving Tray and Tong.

Our Tray and Tong Set meet the highest quality standards, several pieces into a tray with a tong.