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Paper Tableware Set
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Biodegradable Paper Tableware

Paper Tableware Set
Paper Tableware Set
Paper Tableware Set
  • Paper Tableware Set
  • Paper Tableware Set

Biodegradable Paper Tableware Specification

Title:Biodegradable Paper Tableware
Product Name:Paper Tableware Set
Application:Airline, Train,Restaurant Meal Service
Specifications & Material:Tray: 375*275*13mm   Wood
Casserole: 300ml   Kraft paper
Salad Bowl:  Kraft paper
Cup: 8oz  Paper
Cutlery:165mm  Wood/Bamboo/PLA
Color:White/Brown/ Natural color
Shipment Port:Shanghai, Ningbo
Delivery Time:About 25 to 60 days according to different quantity
Features:100% Biodegradable, Eco friendly
Disposable, Sustainable, Microwave and refrigerator safe.

Friendly, nontoxic, harmless, healthy, and sanitary.
Biodegradable in nature and protect resource environment.
High plasticity to be made custom shapes.
Using Biodegradable raw materials

Description of Paper Tableware Set

We offer a broad range of high-quality food packaging products, so you can always find the right packaging solution for your specific needs.

We provide high-quality paper cutlery kits for airlines, restaurants, coffee shops, and cafeterias. We supply paper trays, paper casseroles, paper salad bowls, paper cups, paper cutlery, napkins and other food packaging and accessories.

The GXFLIGHT product range features compostable products. The materials include paper, sugarcane pulp, PLA, bamboo, wood.

These materials which compostable that decompose completely in industrial composting conditions.

We can customize various biodegradable solutions for you to meet your environmental and sustainable catering service needs.

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