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Kssu Cabin Service Carts/Trolley
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KSSU aluminum alloy food service cart airline trolleys

Airline Kssu Trolley Manufacturer
Airline Kssu Trolley Manufacturer
Airline Kssu Trolley Manufacturer
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Kssu Cabin Service Carts/Kssu Trolley Specifications

Title:Atlas KSSU aluminum alloy food service cart airline trolleys
Product Name:Atlas KSSU airline trolleys
Application:For airline flight attendants use, food carrier
Material:Aluminum alloy
Size:Full size: L810*W301*H1030mm
Half size: L405*W301*H1030mm
Weight:Full size:  19.2kg
Half size: 12.6kg
Color:Blue, customized
Supply Ability:500pcs per day
Ctn Size:84*32*105 cm
Shipment Port:Ningbo, Shanghai
Delivery Time:About 20 to 35 days according to different quantity
Features:Lightweight trolley for airline meals service.
CAAC/FAA certified.
ATLAS, KSSU standard.
Embossed or engraved logo on top and/or on lock plates on request.
With or without dry ice tray.

Description of Kssu Cabin Service Carts/Kssu Trolley

What Are The Different Designs Of Airline Trolleys Available?

There are several designs of airline trolleys, which can vary depending on the airline and aircraft. However, the most common designs are the Atlas and KSSU trolleys, used by many airlines worldwide. 

  • The Atlas airplane trolley cart is the most common size and is used by around 80% of airlines. 

  • The KSSU trolley is named after KLM, Swissair, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, and UTA. British Airways mainly uses the ACE design.

  • The ACE aircraft trolley is mainly used by British Airway.

What Are The Features And Benefits Of Airline Trolleys?

Airline trolleys, also known as airline service carts or airline catering trolleys, are specialized mobile cabinets used to store and transport food, beverages, and other items on commercial flights. These trolleys are designed to meet the unique requirements and constraints of the aviation industry, including strict safety regulations, space limitations, and weight restrictions. Here are some of the key features and benefits of airline trolleys:

Features of Airline Trolleys:

  1. Lightweight construction: Airline trolleys are made of lightweight materials, such as aluminum, to minimize their weight and enable easy handling.

  2. Compact size: The airplane trolleys are designed to fit in narrow aisles and limited storage space on board the aircraft.

  3. Locking mechanism: Airplane trolleys are equipped with locking mechanisms to ensure the safe and secure storage of the items inside during turbulence or sudden movements.

  4. Adjustable shelves: The shelves inside the airplane trolley cart can be adjusted to accommodate different types of food and beverage containers.

  5. Wheels: Trolleys are fitted with wheels for easy movement and navigation through the aisles.

  6. Strustural Integrity and Safety: The trolley design complies with FAA / CAAC requirements, structural integrity, and safety. 

Benefits of Airline Trolleys:

  1. Efficient service: Airline trolleys allow for efficient and quick distribution of food and beverages to passengers, as they can be easily moved up and down the aisle.

  2. Better organization: The adjustable shelves inside the trolley allow for efficient organization and storage of different types of food and beverage items, reducing the time and effort required to find the necessary items.

  3. Compliance with regulations: The trolleys are designed to meet strict aviation regulations and standards for safety, durability, and hygiene.

  4. Cost-effective: The lightweight construction and compact size of the trolleys make them cost-effective, as they reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs for airlines.

  5. Enhanced passenger experience: The use of airline trolleys ensures that passengers have access to a wide range of food and beverage options during their flight, improving their overall experience.

  6. Efficient: saves time and energy during food and beverage service on board.

What are the other applications of airline food trolleys?

Airline food trolleys, like the Atlas trolley, are not limited to aircraft use. They are suitable for use in the household market, such as in supermarkets and offices. GXFlight has been supplying airline trolleys to different airlines worldwide for decades, including Singapore Airlines, Philippine Airlines, and Air Tanzania.

As a professional airplane trolley manufacturer, Gxflight can provide you with reliable Kssu Cabin service carts with consistent quality and reasonable prices. 

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