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Microwave Cooking Roasting Bread Turkey Pet Oven Bag

Oven Bag
Oven Bag
Oven Bag
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PET Oven Bag Specifications

Title:Microwave cooking roasting bread turkey PET oven bag
Product Name:PET oven bag
Application:Bread heating roasting in airplane
Material:Plastic PET
Size:30*38 cm, 50*25 cm
Thickness:12 micron
Supply Ability:100,000pcs per day
Carton size: 40*27*26 cm
Shipment Port:Ningbo, Shanghai
Delivery Time:About 15 to 30 days according to different quantity
Features:Food grade, made from a synthetic, food-safe material PET.
High heat resistant up to 220-celsius degree.
Baked in the oven, shorten the baking time. 
Clear color, easier to assess the doneness.

Description of PET Oven Bag

Oven bag, also known as roast oven bag  or cooking oven bag, it is a bag made made from a synthetic, food safe material PET. The oven bag is used for the roasting or heating of bread or other food in an oven in airplane. On aircraft, time for flight attendant to heat bread or other food is limited, since the PET oven bag is ovenable it greatly shorten the baking time.

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