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Description of Disposable Airplane Tray

Disposable food tray or disposable container, includes disposable CPET tray, PP tray, EVOH tray and aluminum foil tray. GXFLIGHT's disposable CPET tray is food-grade, heat-resistant, strong and both oven and microwave safe. GXFLIGHT's CPET disposable trays for food can withstand working temperature from -40℃~220℃, ideal for retort food, ready meal to reheat. GXFLIGHT's PP disposable meal tray can be used in microwave and is convenient, a perfect choice for takeaway food. GXFLIGHT's EVOH disposable lunch trays, a type of MAP food packaging, high oxygen barrier tray, can help extend the shelf life of food. GXFLIGHT's aluminum airline meal tray has a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs, rectangle, square, oval, curl edge, flat edge and hemmed edge. The aluminum disposable airplane tray is oven safe, lightweight and cost-effective.