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Disposable Tray
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Description of Disposable Airplane Tray

Disposable tray or disposable food container, includes disposable CPET tray, PP tray, EVOH tray and aluminum foil tray. GXFLIGHT's disposable CPET tray is food-grade, heat-resistant, strong and both oven and microwave safe. GXFLIGHT's CPET container can withstand working temperature from -40℃~220℃, ideal for retort food, ready meal to reheat. GXFLIGHT's PP tray can be used in microwave and is convenient, a perfect choice for takeaway food. GXFLIGHT's EVOH tray, a type of MAP food packaging, high oxygen barrier tray, can help extend shelf life of food. GXFLIGHT's aluminum tray has wide range of sizes, shapes and designs, rectangle, square, oval, curl edge, flat edge and hemmed edge. Aluminum trays are oven safe, lightweight and cost-effective.