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PP Tray
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Disposable Plastic PP Food Tray Packaging

PP Tray
PP Tray
PP Tray
  • PP Tray
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  • PP Tray

Description of PP Tray

The disposable PP tray/container is made of food-grade PP material, which can be heated by microwave, can be frozen and refrigerated. The lid is transparent and the bottom is black. It is environmentally friendly and healthy. It is suitable for packaging and take-out. It has a uniform texture, good hand feel, high strength, no deformation, and no odor.

PP Tray Specifications

Title:Disposable Plastic PP Food Tray Packaging
Product Name:Disposable Airplane PP Tray
Application:For food storage
Material:PP plastic
Size:Capacity: 750ml, 196*150*50mm
Color:Black, yellow
Supply Ability:50,000pcs/day
Shipment Port:Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
Delivery Time:Within 20 to 60 days based on different quantity
High-quality food-grade raw materials, safe and secure, style, size, color, logo, etc. can be customized

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