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Airline Fleece Blanket Brings You Warmth and Comfort
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Airline Fleece Blanket Brings You Warmth and Comfort


The wool blanket refers to the blanket made of wool. The wool blanket has good air permeability. When people lie on it, the pores between the fibers under the wool surface form an air flowing layer, which can provide a relatively ideal constant temperature for the human body during sleeping, which is conducive to improving the quality of sleep.

Why do airlines choose wool blankets?

1. Good warmth retention property

The fine and dense wool layer of the airline travel blanket is recognized as a good thermal insulation material, which is mainly due to its excellent thermal insulation and air permeability.

2. Comfortable and breathable

The hollow tubular structure of wool can not only absorb the moisture in humid air, and keep it dry, but also ensure the air permeability of airline fleece blanket. So passengers will not feel stuffy when they cover it.

3. Soft and elastic

The thick wool has rich elasticity. The surface of the fur is soft, which can effectively disperse the pressure on the human skin, especially on the bone protuberant part. It has a certain massage effect, which stimulates the capillary and improves the skin blood circulation to a certain extent.

When using the airline fleece blanket, please pay attention to the following points:

1. Avoid contact with sharp, rough objects and strong alkaline objects.

2. When you use it, unfold it and shake it for a few times. Then the wool can regain its elasticity.

3. Choose a cool and ventilated place to dry before collection.

4. During the collection period, the cabinet should be opened regularly to ventilate and keep dry.

5. In the high temperature and humid season, it should be dried several times to prevent mildew.