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Airline Sugarcane Casserole is Reliable
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Airline Sugarcane Casserole is Reliable


Fashionable, environmentally friendly, and durable products made of sugarcane or bagasse are rapidly becoming excellent choices for various food services. They can easily handle hot food, cold food, or greasy food to ensure customer satisfaction, and with simple and elegant design, they are very suitable for any delicious dishes. But how are these impressive multifunctional airline sugarcane casserole products made?

Ⅰ. Manufacturing process of airline sugarcane casserole

Airline sugarcane casserole uses sugar-pressed bagasse as its raw material, instead of traditional petroleum-derived plastics or foam. Bagasse mulch is a by-product of sugarcane straw. The mulch is formed after removing juice from sugar cane, which is a product that is traditionally discarded and regarded as waste. The covering is pressed into the required shape by using the high-temperature and high-pressure process, so as to manufacture airline sugarcane casserole or other sugarcane products for any enterprise.

Ⅱ. The environmental characteristics of airline sugarcane casserole

These airline sugarcane casserole products are made of bagasse, which helps to reduce the waste of materials after sugarcane harvest. They are also compostable, and it takes about 3 to 6 months to decompose, which is equivalent to palm and bamboo products. Compared with manufacturing paper products, pulping bagasse is more efficient and environmentally friendly for the earth. Our airline sugarcane casserole products can withstand temperatures as high as 200 degrees Celsius and are sterilized by ultraviolet rays. It is safe and hygienic without toxicity, smell, fluorescent agent, and plasticizer.

Ⅲ. Airline sugarcane casserole is durable and reliable

Our bagasse tableware includes sugarcane containers or sugarcane trays. Airline sugarcane casserole is very suitable for appetizers, snacks, children's meals, main courses, or desserts. We use our disposable sugar cane bowls to make the dishes look fashionable, fresh, and ready to eat. Airline sugarcane casserole is also very suitable for take-out lunch or ordering French fries or snacks in large quantities. Airline sugarcane casserole can ensure that sauces and juicy dishes will be prevented from leaking from the container and ensure a high-quality dining experience for customers. Our airline sugarcane casserole can be used in refrigerators or cold storage to keep the original flavor and freshness of food.