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Airline Sugarcane Casserole Made From Bagasse
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Airline Sugarcane Casserole Made From Bagasse


Bagasse is a plant fiber. It is the dry pulpy fibrous material left over after sugar cane is crushed during industrial processing to extract the juice. Bagasse was previously used as a fuel or source of cellulose in animal feed but is now more used in tableware packaging, which is environmentally friendly for the planet, such as the airline sugarcane casserole produced by Gxflight. Bagasse after sugarcane production can be made into sugarcane pulp, which can be used in more environmental protection fields. The bagasse pulping process includes raw material preparation, bagasse cooking, bagasse washing, bagasse screening, and bagasse pulp bleaching.

1. The advantages of airline sugarcane casserole

Bagasse is being used more and more in the field of environmental protection, and more and more people are realizing the importance of environmentally friendly packaging, this is where bagasse comes into play. Now bagasse has become a trendsetter because it is a renewable resource material and the perfect substitute for disposable tablewares, so what are the advantages of airline sugarcane casserole?

Airline sugarcane casserole is 100% biomaterial, which does not contain any chemical ingredients, and is also waterproof and oil-proof, suitable for temperatures from -25°C to 220°C, therefore suitable for microwaves, ovens and freezers. This fiber material is strong and durable, with higher strength and durability than polystyrene and paper products. It won't degrade prematurely unless it's exposed to the right composting conditions, which is fully degradable and fully compostable.

2. The safety of airline sugarcane casserole

Bagasse bowls, bagasse cups, bagasse sauce cups, bagasse salad bowls, bagasse plates, and more can be used as airline tableware sets. Airline sugarcane casserole can completely degrade into carbon dioxide and water within 30 to 90 days, which is not only eco-friendly but also very safe.

The production of airline sugarcane casserole adopts imported oil displacing agents, ultrasonic papermaking, 350 degree Celsius ultraviolet high-temperature heat sterilization, vacuum operation workshop, mechanical and manual inspection, and other links to ensure the safety standard and quality of the product. The airline sugarcane casserole produced by Gxflight is waterproof and oil-proof, cold-resistant and heat-resistant, safe to use, non-toxic and harmless, and available with a bagasse cover or PET transparent cover.