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An Autoclavable Plastic Surgical Flat Tray
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An Autoclavable Plastic Surgical Flat Tray


Sterilization trays are available in a good range including plastic sterilization trays, instrument trays, endoscopic sterilization, and metal sterilization trays. Our best selling product is a special thermal-resistant plastic PPSU sterilization tray.

PPSU sterilization trays are manufactured to supply optimal structural integrity, thereby ensuring that the trays last a better number of sterilization cycles. The effectiveness of our trays is enhanced by superior design which guarantees proper reach of the sterilizing agent used. Sterilization trays allow for proper storage and sterilization of the medical instruments while ensuring maximum space utilization.

PPSU Sterilization trays are designed to suit all means of sterilization including steam, dry heat, Ethylene Oxide (EO), chemicals, and Gamma.

PPSU sterilization Tray Features

Convenient, lightweight, attractive design

Body made of special thermal-resistant plastic polymer

Guaranteed product strength

Suitable for all the quality means of sterilization-Steam, Dry Heat, EO, Chemical

Amber-colored lid for easy view of instruments

Highly functional, stackable design

Hold instruments of varied sizes

We can design sterilization trays according to customer requirements. Strong design capabilities and innovation capabilities differentiate us from our competitors. Plastic sterilization tray demo small size as sold on