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Best Travel Blanket for Airplane
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Best Travel Blanket for Airplane


Our travel airline blankets are an easy way to add extra warmth when it's cold on plane, car, or train travel. It's incredibly soft and comfortable, making you feel at home when you travel.

What material are airplane travel blankets?

1. According to the material type, there are polyester, acrylic, cotton, TC cotton, recycled PET and other materials;

2. According to the weaving method, there are knitting and weaving processes; among them, the main knitting processes are double-sided fleece, polar fleece, coral fleece, flannel, etc. Most airlines choose to use double-sided fleece and polar fleece;

Do Airlines Wash Blankets?

Airline travel blanket are cleaned and repackaged by contract cleaning companies. Cleaning companies use chemical cleaners to clean the blankets in bulk.

Are Sealed airplane travel blankets Clean?

Many airlines have invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the cleanliness of the cabin, and their clean and tidy cabin environment has left a deep impression on the passengers. At the end of each flight, the cleaning staff will replace the pillowcases with new ones, and the used blankets will be recycled off the plane, washed, dried, repackaged and returned to the plane for passengers to use.

Do You Have to Pay for a Blanket?

On long-haul flights of large companies, all passengers are equipped with blankets. After passengers board the plane, a small airplane travel blankets and a small pillow are placed on each seat in advance. If it is not enough, you can ask the flight attendant for it. Although blankets are not placed on short-haul flights, they can be requested from the flight attendants at any time. There are better meals on the way, wine and fruit are provided for free; budget airlines are completely different, do not provide any free meals, and do not provide blankets.

Can I Bring My Own Blanket Onto a Plane?

Passengers can bring their own towels and small blankets on the plane. Blankets and pillows are generally provided on the plane, but it is better for passengers to bring their own.