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Can Sugarcane Bagasse Be Made into Tableware?
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Can Sugarcane Bagasse Be Made into Tableware?


During the flight, are you afraid of encountering the following situations: When eating on the plane, do you think the dishes are too bulky and space-occupied? Are you afraid of accidentally breaking the porcelain bowl and cutting yourself on the plane just because the tableware is so slippery? Are you worried that the quality of airline tableware is substandard, which will endanger your health?

1. What is sugarcane bagasse tableware?

Now there is a new type of airline tableware - sugarcane tableware, also known as sugarcane bagasse tableware. It uses sugarcane bagasse from sugar waste as a raw material. It is mixed into a certain concentration of pulp through the pulping process and high-temperature sterilization. Then, after special processing, sugarcane pulp is made into tableware. Sugarcane is a naturally degradable and compostable plant fiber material. The sugarcane bagasse is made into sugarcane pulp, and then the sugarcane pulp is made into tableware.

2. Advantages of sugarcane bagasse tableware

(1) Sugarcane bagasse tableware, such as the bagasse bowl and sugarcane container, not only saves a lot of wood, but also meets the requirements of circular economy and environmental protection policies. As disposable plastic is not environmentally friendly, while sugarcane bagasse is an environmentally friendly material that can be completely degraded. Therefore, it is now the most popular environmentally friendly airline tableware.

(2) It can be used to hold hot food. It can be put in the oven and can withstand high temperatures up to 200 ℃.

(3) It is waterproof and oil proof, and rice won't stick to it.

The tableware made of sugarcane bagasse is clean and hygienic, and it can also add concave and convex lines during the production process to increase hand friction and prevent the tableware from falling. The sugarcane bagasse tableware is of high density, waterproof and oil-proof, not easy to cause deformation, portable and exquisite, and can hold many kinds of food.

Sugarcane bagasse tableware produced by Guangxi Nanning Flight Supply Trading Co., Ltd. contains bagasse bowls, bagasse cups, bagasse sauce cups, bagasse salad bowls, etc. Our sugarcane tableware is waterproof and oil-proof, resistant to coldness and heat, safe to use, non-toxic and harmless, you are welcome to consult for more information!