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Can the Airline Aluminum Foil Sheet Be Put into the Microwave Oven?
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Can the Airline Aluminum Foil Sheet Be Put into the Microwave Oven?


Ⅰ. Introduction of the airline aluminum foil sheet

In recent years, many families are not satisfied with the traditional cooking ways, including fried, stir-fried, and deep-fried. They have bought ovens to make grilled fish, roast chicken wings, cakes, etc. When using the stove, the most important thing is "tin foil," which can be spread on the baking tray to avoid gravy overflowing and reduce the cleaning burden. It can also wrap the food, double its heat, and evenly spread it to the surface.

The so-called "tin foil" we currently use is mostly aluminum foil. The original tin foil was actually made of tin. But the melting point of the container is only 231.89℃, while now most ovens can reach above 250℃. The melting point of aluminum foil is above 660℃, which can be used for barbecue or baking. The cost of aluminum is lower, so it completely replaces the position of tin foil, which is the material we usually see the plane.

Ⅱ. Can an airline aluminum foil sheet be put into a microwave oven?

Can't an airline aluminum foil sheet be heated in a microwave oven? Although airline aluminum foil is as soft as paper, it is still metal in essence. Microwaves can't penetrate metal so that food won't be heated. In addition, metals can also reflect microwaves, damage microwave tubes, generate electric sparks, and even cause fires and explosions. The oven is heated by the heat radiation of the heating tube, which belongs to the traditional heating method and is suitable for airline aluminum foil. An airline aluminum foil sheet can also be used in a microwave oven with a barbecue function, but the premise must be barbecue mode, and never use microwave heating.

When using airline aluminum foil sheets, many people still have a question: Should we use the matte or smooth surface to wrap the food? In the production process, because aluminum foil paper is very thin, manufacturers usually use two layers to press at the same time to prevent it from breaking. When two layers of aluminum foil are in contact, friction will occur, so a matte surface is formed. While the other side is in direct contact with a smooth machine, it will form a smooth surface. There is not much difference in heating food for both types of surfaces. The matte surface is 80% reflective and the glossy surface is 88% reflective, both are available. However, using the matte surface to contact food directly is recommended because the smooth surface is easier to stick to.

Moreover, compared with many other packaging materials, airline aluminum foil produces less waste, and it is nontoxic and hygienic. Airline aluminum foil sheet has excellent impermeability to water vapor and gas, and it can also prolong the shelf life of food.