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Carrying Alcohol Wipes Makes Travel More Safe
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Carrying Alcohol Wipes Makes Travel More Safe


During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, masks and  alcohol-based hand sanitizer and wipes are necessities. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer and wipes are especially necessary for daily disinfection and sterilization. How do you disinfect when you take public transportation and go out? Today, we recommend everyone the easy-to-carry, easy-to-use alcohol wipes with 75% alcohol concentration from Guangxi Nanning Flight Supply Trading Co., Ltd (GXFLIGHT).

Advantages of alcohol wipes:

1. Convenient and safe: easy to carry, no geographical restrictions

2. Fully customized: take one piece as you need it

3. Sterilizing and skin friendly: 75% alcohol, adding moisturizing ingredients

4. Two effects: sterilization and cleaning

GXFLIGHT’s alcohol wipes are small and portable. Compared with alcohol spray, there is a significant advantage of alcohol wipes, that is, there are no restrictions on carrying. Whether you take the subway, high-speed rail, airplane, or other transportation, you can have it with you, which is extremely convenient.

GXFLIGHT’s alcohol wipes come in a small pack, ready to use and throw away, with cleaning and sterilization effects. GXFLIGHT’s alcohol wipes are made of non-woven fabrics, soft to touch, thick and durable, and do not fall apart or loose scraps even if you pull it hard. Simultaneously, considering that when the alcohol evaporates, it is easy to take away the skin’s moisture and make the skin dry and tight, GXFLIGHT’s alcohol wipes are added with moisturizing ingredients, soothing and moisturizing, without hurting the skin.

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic epidemic, GXFLIGHT’s health care department has been providing supplies for people in need and the most suitable personal protection products to prevent the virus, and GXFLIGHT is able to deliver qualified masks, gloves, gowns, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and other products on time. If you want to wholesale these protective products, please contact us and purchase what you want!

Carrying Alcohol Wipes Makes Travel More Safe