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Choosing Good Travel Blanket for Plane Makes Airline Have No Worries
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Choosing Good Travel Blanket for Plane Makes Airline Have No Worries


A comfortable blanket is essential for every family. A comfortable travel blanket for plane can provide customers with warmth and comfort all the way through a long journey. The following parts will tell you the aspects to choose an travel blanket for plane:

1. Hand feeling

Good aircraft blanket feels soft and elastic. Passengers can feel it by the touch of their hand.

2. Suede

High-quality travel blanket is fluffy but not messy. The fluff covered on the surface of the blanket is neat and the texture is clear. The undercoat should be fine and dense, and the backer shall not be exposed. If the airline travel blanket  fluff is exposed, it will not only affect the appearance quality, but also reduce the thermal performance.

3. Luster

When purchasing the travel blanket for plane, we should observe whether the luster of the whole blanket is soft, the color pattern is beautiful and easy, or has  the sense of antiquity. A good-looking blanket should be of harmonious color, flat and neat, without broken or curved edges.

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