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Disposable Hand Sanitizer Makes It Easier for You to Use
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Disposable Hand Sanitizer Makes It Easier for You to Use


During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, disposable hand sanitizers used more in hospitals appear in various public places and homes and become essential products for work and life. With a wide variety of disposable hand sanitizers on the goods shelf, how to judge their product effect? How do they work? Here are some tips:

1. Product type of disposable hand sanitizer

In terms of ingredients, disposable hand sanitizers are mainly divided into two categories: alcohol and non-alcohol. To effectively eliminate the Coronavirus, alcohol hand sanitizer should be chosen.

To meet the needs of different people in different places, the disposable hand sanitizer can also be divided into gel type, liquid type, and foam type according to the dosage form, mainly in the specifications of 300ml to 500ml.

In addition to alcohol hand sanitizers, the products currently on the market generally include plant-based hand sanitizers and hand sanitizers based on quaternary ammonium compounds. Among them, the plant-based hand sanitizers mostly contain plant extracts, which have limited bactericidal effects. The disinfecting ingredients in hand sanitizers based on quaternary ammonium compounds, such as benzalkonium chloride, chlorinated hypochlorous acid, can effectively sterilize.

2. How does disposable hand sanitizer work?

Alcohol hand sanitizers can quickly soak and penetrate the cell membrane of microorganisms to eliminate microorganisms. If non-alcohol products have ingredients such as benzalkonium chloride, they can also destroy and block microbial cells' metabolism. Running water is not necessary because the disposable hand sanitizer is non-toxic and non-irritating, and can quickly evaporate without leaving any residue.

Guangxi Nanning Flight Supply Trading Co., Ltd (GXFLIGHT) sells 2 ml rinse free hand sanitizer, both alcohol based and benzalkonium chloride based, packaged in a sachet, convenient to carry, which is suitable for aviation, hospitals, schools, hotels, etc., and can avoid direct contact. At the same time, GXFLIGHT can also customize specifications and packaging according to customers’ needs, serving you wholeheartedly.