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Excellent Performance of Airline Rotable PPSU Casserole
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Excellent Performance of Airline Rotable PPSU Casserole


At present, the harmful substances that food contact mainly include bisphenol A, plasticizer, formaldehyde and melamine, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, etc. These substances have the potential toxicity of carcinogenesis, teratogenicity and mutation, which can cause system dysfunction, especially affect the development of nervous system of newborns and children.

Ⅰ. The superior material of Airline Rotable PPSU Casserole

Polyphenylsulphone (PPSU), a kind of sulfone polymer, is special engineering plastics and high temperature plastics. With excellent physical and chemical properties, it can replace thermosetting plastics, metals and ceramics in the fields of medical care, automobile, aviation, electronics and electricity. It can be processed into high-quality parts and high-load products through injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and machining. PPSU resin has the characteristics of transparency, high temperature resistance of 180℃, hydrolysis resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, steam sterilization resistance. Moreover, it has good electrical performance, ultra-high toughness and shock resistance.

It is worth noting that PPSU resin itself is non-toxic and does not release bisphenol A. As material contacting food, it is very safe to babies and children. In recent years, it has become a reassuring material for manufacturing baby bottles in the global maternal and infant field.

Ⅱ. The excellent performance of Airline Rotable PPSU Casserole

In the field of food containers, PPSU can be used to replace glass, metal, ceramics and thermosetting materials. Compared with other types of resins, the Airline Rotable PPSU Casserole performs very well.

1. The Airline Rotable PPSU Casserole is more temperature-resistant, with a temperature resistance of 180 degrees. It can meet the daily needs of families and perform well under severe conditions without releasing bisphenol A and other substances.

2. Airline Rotable PPSU Casserole can be used in microwave oven, which is completely suitable for microwave.

3. It is resistant to steam sterilization and can withstand high-temperature steam sterilization/cleaning cycle. Therefore, it is suitable for disinfection cabinets and dishwashers, and its performance remains unchanged.

4. Airline Rotable PPSU Casserole can be recycled and reused. It is suitable for replacing disposable tableware, which is conducive to resource conservation and environmental protection.

5. Under the condition of corrosive detergent, disinfectant, water and extremely hot temperature combined, Airline Rotable PPSU Casserole will not be affected. Besides, with good chemical resistance, there is no residue, no food odor and stains left, and it is easy to clean.

6. It is PPSU resin flame retardant and barely releases heat and any harmful substances in case of fire. Thus, it has been applied to aviation lunch boxes at present.

7. It is resistant to falling, shatter-proof, and safe for children. For example, PPSU has been applied to nursing bottles at present.

8. Compared to traditional food containers, it is lighter and more convenient to use.

9. The material of the Airline Rotable PPSU Casserole is transparent, without adding any substance, which provides better visual experience for users.