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How to Choose Alcohol Wipes
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How to Choose Alcohol Wipes


Alcohol wipes mainly play a role in disinfection and sterilization. It is practical to prepare a few packs at any time. When choosing alcohol disinfection wipes, you need to consider the following tips:

1. Alcohol content of alcohol wipes

Most people don't know the alcohol content of alcohol wipes, but most of them can be seen on the outer packaging and instructions.

2. Alcohol types of alcohol wipes

The main components of alcohol currently applied are edible alcohol, industrial alcohol, and medical alcohol. No matter what kind of alcohol it is, if it meets the concentration requirement, it can achieve the sterilization effect.

3. Nourishing ingredients of alcohol wipes

Alcohol can easily cause dry hands and feet, but alcohol wipes with nourishing ingredients can make up for it.

4. Alcohol wipes sachet

It is generally not recommended to put a large number of alcohol wipes in the pack, which can prevent the alcohol from evaporating after a long time of use and losing efficacy. The individually packaged alcohol wipes we sell are one piece per sachet, which effectively reduces alcohol volatilization and is convenient to carry.

The alcohol wipes sold by Guangxi Nanning Flight Supply Trading Co., Ltd. are made of 75% medical alcohol (ethanol) wet wipes, which helps inactivate bacteria and reduce the possibility of "contact transmission". Our product is cost effective and easy to carry. If you are interested in our alcohol wipes, please contact us.

How to Choose Alcohol Wipes