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How to Choose the Suitable Airline Security Seals
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How to Choose the Suitable Airline Security Seals


Safety is crucial in the aviation industry. Whether it's cargo transportation or catering services on board, ensuring the security of goods and equipment is the top priority for airlines. Aviation security seals play an important role in helping to ensure that equipment and goods are not tampered with or damaged. This article will explore how to choose the right airline security seals to meet industry needs.


Factors to consider when choosing airline security seals

Choice of materials

First of all, choosing the right materials for airline security seals is crucial. Common materials include plastic polypropylene and polyethylene. These materials are strong and durable, with excellent tensile properties that can withstand the vibration and pressure in aviation environments. They also have weather resistance and are not easily affected by temperature and humidity, which is particularly important in the aviation industry.

Size and design

Airline security seals' size and design are also factors to consider. The size should be able to accommodate different uses, such as sealing container locks or aviation trolleys. The design should consider ease of use, allowing for quick installation and removal without the need for additional tools. Disposable seals can provide additional security as they indicate that they cannot be reused once opened, reducing potential risks.

Color selection

Airline security seals commonly offer multiple color options to meet the identification and requirements of airlines. Seals of different colors can be used for different purposes or to indicate different information. For example, red may indicate that the seal has been broken and needs to be checked, while blue may indicate that the cargo has passed security inspection. Therefore, choosing the appropriate color is crucial for maintaining the safety and smooth transportation of goods.

Security features

Some airline security seals also have additional security features, such as indicative seals and logo printing. These features can provide additional security, helping to determine if someone has attempted unauthorized interference or tampering with the seal. Additionally, some seals may have consecutive serial numbers to ensure each seal's uniqueness, further enhancing security.

GXFLIGHT's plastic security seals for aviation containers

As a supplier of inflight products, GXFLIGHT provides high-quality airline security seals. Our plastic security seals are made of durable plastic polypropylene/polyethylene material, which has excellent tensile properties and is suitable for various aviation uses. These seals are easy to use, allowing for quick tightening of locking mechanisms and easy removal without the need for any tools. Additionally, they are imprinted with consecutive serial numbers to ensure the uniqueness of each seal.

GXFLIGHT' airline security seals offer a variety of colors and customization options to meet the needs of different airlines. We understand the criticality of security in the aviation industry, so our seals are designed and manufactured to provide the highest level of security and performance.

In conclusion, choosing the right airline security seals requires considering materials, size, color, design, and security features. GXFLIGHT' products meet these requirements, providing reliable security seal solutions for airlines to ensure the safe transportation of goods and equipment. Through collaboration, we can jointly support the development and safety of the aviation industry.