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How to Clean Airline Flame Retardant Blanket?
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How to Clean Airline Flame Retardant Blanket?


Ⅰ. The emergence of airline flame retardant blanket

With the improvement of the aircraft cabin entertainment system, airlines allow passengers to use mobile phones, tablets (Pad), notebook computers, e-readers and other portable electronic devices during the flight. The lithium batteries of portable electronic devices will increase the safety hazard factor of fire. Therefore, the improvement in the fireproof performance of textiles in the cabin will increase the safety performance of the aircraft. Therefore, flame retardant airline blankets were born at the right moment. Most airline blankets are made of polyester fiber materials. When many people take the plane, some people feel that the airline blanket provided on the plane is not very clean, and feel uncomfortable to use it. At this time, you can prepare an airline flame retardant blanket yourself. First of all, it can keep you warm, and the blanket you bring can be used without worries, and secondly it can also help you cope with sudden fires and so on. Of course, airline blankets are not only used on airplanes, but can also be used on trains, cars, ships, etc. Especially for people who like to travel or be on a bushiness trip a lot, it is very necessary to prepare an airline flame retardant blanket.

Ⅱ. How to clean the airline flame retardant blanket?

The molecular structure of polyester fiber material is relatively dense and has the characteristics of airtightness, so the flame retardant characteristics of the flame retardant blanket are good. Therefore, if the aviation carpet has a bad smell, how to clean it?

If flame retardant blankets are smelly, it may be caused by dyes. When making blankets, they are usually dyed with dyes. The dye contains fiber puffing agent. The fiber puffing agent emits peculiar smell, which may stick to the blanket and cause the blanket to produce peculiar smell. Besides, if the blanket has been used for a long time, there will be peculiar smell. If the blanket has been used for too long and there is too much sweat and grease from the human body, the grease and sweat will have a chemical reaction in the air, which will cause the blanket to produce bad smell.

Hand washing: First, soak the airline blanket in clean water with detergent. After half an hour, rub and wash with your hands, then rinse and dry.

Machine washing: Put the airline blanket in the washing machine, pour in an appropriate amount of detergent, turn on the gentle mode for cleaning, and dry it.

1. The cleaning detergent should be a neutral detergent because the neutral detergent has less damage to the blanket and the neutral detergent is generally a laundry detergent.

2. The blanket should be cleaned with clean water to avoid detergent residue, which may damage the blanket.

3. It is not advisable to clean the blanket frequently because frequent cleaning will easily affect the quality of the airline blanket and affect its service life.

4. Use clean water to clean the blanket, which can clean the odor-emitting substances in the blanket and play a role in removing odor.

5. In the process of drying the flame retardant blanket, sunlight can remove the toxic substances in the blanket and play a role in removing the bad smell.