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Ice Cream Cooler Bag in Aviation Transport: Design, Functions, And Usage Methods
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Ice Cream Cooler Bag in Aviation Transport: Design, Functions, And Usage Methods


In the aviation industry, the transportation of food has always been an important and challenging issue. Especially when it comes to frozen or refrigerated food, such as ice cream, special solutions are needed to ensure its freshness throughout the transportation process. This is where the ice cream cooler bag comes into play. This article will delve into the design, functionality, and usage of ice cream cooler bags in aviation transportation, as well as how they bring convenience and sustainability to the industry.


Design of Ice Cream Cooler Bags

Ice cream cooler bags are specially designed bags for frozen and refrigerated food. One popular product is the GXFLIGHT non-woven ice bag, which features several meticulously designed characteristics to ensure proper protection of the food during transportation.


The GXFLIGHT non-woven ice bag is made of non-woven fabric with an interior lining of aluminum foil. This material has excellent insulation properties and can effectively prevent the external temperature from affecting the food inside.


The size of the  GXFLIGHT cooler bag is 377*215*210mm, which is large enough to accommodate multiple ice cream containers or other food containers.


The GXFLIGHT non-woven ice bag is very lightweight, weighing only 290 grams, making it highly suitable for aviation transportation without adding too much burden.


These insulated bags are typically in blue, in compliance with food safety standards.

Features: They are food-grade and can safely store food while maintaining its hygiene. Additionally, these bags are reusable, foldable for easy storage and carrying. They are also portable, suitable for transporting both frozen and hot foods, and can provide long-lasting insulation.

Functions and Features of Ice Cream Cooler Bags

Ice cream cooler bags come with various features that make them indispensable for food transportation. Here are some of their essential functions:

Thermal Insulation

These bags can maintain the temperature of food for a certain period, whether it's refrigerated or frozen. This is crucial for preserving the freshness of food, especially during long flights.


The inner aluminum foil layer provides excellent insulation, shielding food from the influence of external temperatures. This helps ensure that frozen food remains within a safe temperature range.

Lightweight and Portable

These bags are very lightweight, making them easy for flight attendants and ground staff to carry and use without adding much weight.


These bags are reusable, reducing the waste of disposable materials and being environmentally friendly.

How to Use Ice Cream Cooler Bags

The use of ice cream cooler bags is straightforward, but it's crucial to use them correctly to ensure the safety and quality of the food:

1.Prepare Food

Ensure that the ice cream or other refrigerated food is at the appropriate temperature before placing it in the bag. The food should be refrigerated or frozen.

2. Load the Bag

Carefully place the food into the insulated bag, making sure not to overpack or stack items excessively.

3. Seal the Bag

Seal the bag, ensuring no air enters, to minimize temperature fluctuations.

4. Label

Mark the type of food and storage requirements on the bag for flight attendants or ground staff to handle correctly.

5. Storage and Transportation

Store the bag in well-designed refrigerated or frozen storage units to maintain temperature stability. During transportation, avoid placing other items on top of the insulated bag.

GXFLIGHT: Your In-Flight Supplies Provider

GXFLIGHT is a company dedicated to supplying in-flight products. We offer aircraft refrigerated bags, such as GXFLIGHT non-woven ice bags, with excellent insulation and portability. Our products are designed to provide the best food preservation solutions, ensuring that passengers can enjoy delicious frozen food during their flights.

If you are an airline or in-flight catering company seeking a high-quality supplier for refrigerated bags, GXFLIGHT is the ideal choice. We are committed to providing sustainable food transportation solutions, adding convenience and reliability to your flight services.

In summary, ice cream cooler bags play a vital role in aviation transportation, and their design and features ensure the freshness and safety of food. GXFLIGHT's refrigerated bag products are your ideal choice in this field, providing high-quality food transportation solutions for your business and improving the flying experience for passengers.