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Identify the Cornstarch Disposable Cutlery
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Identify the Cornstarch Disposable Cutlery


What is cornstarch disposable cutlery? Do you have a lot of questions?

The cornstarch disposable cutlery is a kind of biodegradable tableware which is made of corn starch as the main raw material and processed by high-tech production technology. It is a kind of pollution-free green product.

Several characteristics of cornstarch disposable cutlery:

1. Degradable: it has the naturally degradable properties in nature (light and soil).

2. Good strength: it can meet the needs of consumers.

3. No leakage: it has good sealing performance and no leakage.

4. No odor: corn starch is used as raw material, and the product has a faint fragrance of popcorn.

5. Thermal endurance: it can withstand high temperature 120, low temperature -20 and be used safely in microwave oven and refrigerator.

6. Grease resistance: it can tolerate a large amount of oil in food.

Identification of cornstarch disposable cutlery methods:

1. Look: corn starch tableware is a kind of Matt product, generally light yellow or milk white; non starch tableware conventional color is dull black or bluish white; non starch tableware conventional color is dark or blue and white;

2. Smell: smell discrimination. Similar products after mutual friction to generate heat, starch products have a light corn paste flavor or plant flavor. Other products have the smell of plastic;

3. Burning: combustion discrimination. Two types of products are burned separately. Starch type is with red flame and the blue flame is of other type. The black powder after being crushed by hand is from starch products, while the powder with lighter color is from other products.

The airline cornstarch disposable cutlery produced by Guangxi Nanning Flight Supply Trading Co., Ltd. includes cornstarch fork, corn starch spoon and cornstarch box. We can provide safe and environmentally friendly tableware for airlines, so that passengers can feel at ease when using them.