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Is Your Restaurant Using Airline Sugarcane Casserole?
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Is Your Restaurant Using Airline Sugarcane Casserole?


Caring for the environment is the responsibility of every individual, every organization and every business. Restaurants in particular are known for using a lot of resources, from electricity to napkins. However, these practices do not have to be set in stone. Now more than ever, there is an opportunity to be green by changing products and adjusting procedures. So is your restaurant eco-friendly?

1. Environmentally friendly airline sugarcane casserole and accessories

Most traditional restaurant supplies are made from plastic, polystyrene foam and other materials that go straight to the landfill after use. While these products are quick and easy to clean up, they can't reduce a restaurant's impact on the environment.

GXFLIGHT provides wide-ranging airline sugarcane casserole, which boasts the same convenience of traditional restaurant products. Airline sugarcane casserole is made from sugar-pressed bagasse instead of traditional petroleum-derived plastic or foam. At present, the airline sugarcane casserole is globally recognized as 100% environmentally friendly and 100% degradable tableware. Bagasse bowls, bagasse cups, bagasse sauce cups, bagasse salad bowls, bagasse plates and more are included in the airline cutlery sets. Bagasse tableware can be completely degraded into carbon dioxide and water within 30 to 90 days, with compostable and degradable properties. Airline sugarcane casserole is not only so eco-friendly, but also very safe. The production adopts imported oil displacing agent, ultrasonic papermaking, 350 degrees Celsius ultraviolet high temperature heating sterilization, vacuum operation workshop, mechanical and manual inspection and other links to ensure the safety standards and quality of products.

2. Airline sugarcane casserole provided by GXFLIGHT

The airline sugarcane casserole uses the original ecological plant fiber, which is green and environmentally friendly, naturally degradable, without chemical addition, and has an embossed design on the back to ensure the hardness and stiffness of the product. Our airline sugarcane casserole is heat resistant up to 200°C and certified by SGS food grade, usually used as the main casserole for hot food on board. It can be put in the oven and microwave. The airline sugarcane casserole is available in white and natural colors for natural health.

Reducing energy and waste is key to going green in restaurants. Guangxi Nanning Flight Supply Trading Co., Ltd. is a supplier of in-flight supplies headquartered in Nanning, China. We work with airlines around the world to improve the passenger experience. Customer focus has been at the heart of what we do for many years. We are close to our customers, understand their needs, and create customer value with the latest materials, technologies and innovations. Your health and safety are important to us, both in the air and after landing.