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Process Principle of Cornstarch Tableware
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Process Principle of Cornstarch Tableware


Cornstarch disposable cutlery is a kind of environmental friendly tableware with corn starch as raw material, which is degradable, non-toxic and tasteless after heating and can be safely used.

Cornstarch disposable cutlery process principle is as follows: Corn starch is a kind of natural polymers. The molecules contain a large number of hydroxyl groups. Therefore, the corn starch macromolecules interaction force is very strong, which makes the original corn starch difficult to gain fused process, and its compatibility with other polymers in the blending process is poor.

However, these hydroxyl groups can undergo esterification, etherification, grafting, cross-linking and other chemical reactions. These chemical reactions are adopted to modify the corn starch to reduce its hydroxyl and change the original structure, so as to change the corresponding properties of the corn starch. They can change the original corn starch into thermoplastic corn starch. Thermoplastic corn starch is generally a blend of modified starch and biodegradable polyester (such as PLA/PBAT/PBS/PHA/PPC). It is fully biodegradable, compostable, pollution-free to the environment, and the waste is suitable for composting, landfill and other treatment methods.

After dehydration at the high temperature, the corn starch is pressed into flakes of the same width and thickness by a tablet press. Finally, after cutting and quantitative molding by a die, the corn starch is transformed into eco-friendly disposable dinnerware such as cornstarch fork, cornstarch starch spoon and cornstarch box.