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Re-usable Autoclavable Plastic Sterilization Tray
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Re-usable Autoclavable Plastic Sterilization Tray


The ability to withstand repeated sterilization is a critical requirement for any material used in reusable medical devices. Steam sterilization is the most commonly used method and uses pressurized steam at 121 °C to 134 °C (250 °F to 273 °F) for up to 18 minutes. As with all sterilization techniques, medical devices are chemically washed and disinfected prior to autoclaving. They may also be exposed to other chemicals, such as morpholine, which are often added to central steam sterilization systems to inhibit corrosion in the lines. All things considered, it is one of the most severe sterilization environments for materials.

Suitable for especially harsh environments, our PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) sterilization trays can be steam sterilized more than a thousand cycles without significant loss of properties, even in the presence of aggressive disinfectants and enzymatic cleansing agents.

Additionally, our PPSU sterilization trays are good for all methods of sterilization, including Ethylene Oxide, Gamma Radiation, Hydrogen Plasma, Dry Heat and Chemical. In this respect, the plastic sterilization trays are more widely used than stainless steel or aluminum trays in medical/healthcare applications.

  • Key features of PPSU sterilization tray

  • High heat resistance

  • Long-term thermal stability

  • Resistance to repeated steam sterilization

  • Exceptional toughness and durability

  • Exceptionally resistant to stains and chemicals

  • Transparency

Designs customizable. Plastic sterilization tray demo as sold on