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The Benefits of Using Airline Meal Trays in Life
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The Benefits of Using Airline Meal Trays in Life


We often need to use disposable trays, but reusable trays are environmentally friendly. Plastic cutlery is very common and can be used by any family, so do you know about reusable plastic airline meal trays? You've probably noticed them on planes, so what's it like to use plastic airline meal trays in your life?

Ⅰ. Introduction of the airline meal tray

Airline meal trays are reusable airline in-flight products and the full-size Atlas Airline Meal Tray is one of our premium products for airlines with consistent quality. 1/1, 2/3, and 1/2 are widely used by most airlines. Full-size Atlas trays save fuel costs, make them lighter, and can be custom-colored to match the airline's primary colors. The non-slip surface of our airplane food trays effectively balances the bumps of casseroles, cups, bowls, plates, and other utensils. Anti-slip angle: 30° (load target food weight 250g). Moreover, the customer logo can be embossed anywhere on the product according to different requirements.

Our wide range of full-size airline food trays is convenient for passengers and crew, tailored to meet the needs of each customer without compromising quality and cost-effectiveness, from cutlery to comfort items, from disposable to rotatable, from sub-zero to high-temperature resistant product ovens. Providing renewable and compostable solutions not only underlines our commitment to the environment, but also a sustainable future.

Ⅱ. What benefits can you get from an airline meal tray?

1. Lightweight: airline meal trays are much lighter than standard silverware, even when carried in large quantities. Imagine a food festival that gathers thousands of people, and it's very difficult for the food service industry to transport tons of cutlery, and that's where the airline meal tray comes in handy.

2. Price: The restaurant does spend a lot of money to replace the plates throughout the year because disposable tableware is easy to lose. In fact, standard stainless steel dinner plates are quite expensive, and airline meal trays are much cheaper in comparison. So, if a company needs to buy a lot of plates to replace lost ones, or for a specific event that involves a lot of guests, choosing airline meal trays is best.

3. Reusable: The airline meal tray can be reused. In this case, it probably won't save you cleaning time, but it will certainly be lighter and less expensive than standard silverware.