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This Blanket Is Fireproof!
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This Blanket Is Fireproof!


This blanket is fireproof and flame retardant, which shows that it is a good helper to escape at the critical moment!

The fire retardant blanket is made of glass fiber and other materials after special treatment. It can isolate heat source and flame, and can be used to put out oil pan fire or to put it on the body to escape in case of fire.      

The fire retardant blanket has the characteristics of non flammability, high temperature resistance, softness, smoothness, compact texture, which does not irritate the skin. It is an ideal and effective outer protective layer for people and objects that need to be far away from the heat source, and it is very easy to wrap up the uneven surface objects, which can be reused without damage.

1. Fire extinguishing principle:

Cover fire source and block air to achieve the purpose of fire fighting.

2. The material of fire retardant blanket:

The fire retardant blanket is made of fiber heat insulation refractory fiber.Refractory fiber has the characteristics of general fiber, such as softness, elasticity and certain tensile strength. It can be further processed into various products such as paper, thread, rope, belt, blanket and felt. It also has the high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance that ordinary fibers do not have. As refractory and thermal insulation material, it has been widely used to make airplane comfort items in aviation and aerospace industry.

The fire retardant blanket provided by Guangxi Nanning Flight Supply Trading Co., Ltd. has novel design and high comfort, which passengers can use when sleeping. In many cases (especially during air travel and stopovers) it is possible to keep passengers warm and provide them with the most considerate service.