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What is an Airsickness Bag?
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What is an Airsickness Bag?


Ⅰ. The effect of airsickness bag

Airsickness bags are used to prevent passengers from vomiting on board due to symptoms such as airsickness or physical discomfort in the cabins of domestic or international airlines. Airlines will prepare such bags for passengers. In addition, they can also be used for garbage.

Air Sickness Bag

Ⅱ. Placement of airsickness bag

General airsickness bags will be placed in the cabin seat or specially distributed by the flight attendant.

Air Sickness Bag

Ⅲ. How to use airsickness bag?

1. In the case of vomiting, tear open the airsickness bag seal, then you can use it for vomiting.

2. After getting off the plane, throw the airsickness bag into the trash can or designated location. 

Ways to prevent vomiting:

1. On the night before taking the flight, you should ensure adequate rest, so that you will have plenty of energy to take the flight the next day.

2. Oral motion sickness medicine half an hour before the plane takes off can prevent the patient from vomiting within 5.6 hours.

3. Try to choose a seat far from the engine and close to the window, so as to reduce the shock and expand the field of vision. Pay attention to keeping the spatial orientation, keep your sight as far away as possible, look at the distant clouds, mountains, and rivers, and don't look at the nearby clouds.

4. The patient should move as little as possible when the plane takes off, passes through clouds, turns, descends and landings, as well as when there is a large shock or bump. Especially the head must be fixed and cannot be rotated.

5. Take care to prevent conditioned reflexes. If there are signs of vomiting in the neighbors, leave the scene immediately and avoid sight.

6. In the event of airsickness in lighter circumstances, be careful not to interrupt the focus and maintain a directional view. If it is severe, you should keep quiet and sit firmly, preferably lying on your back, and fix your head; in more serious cases, people who lose water due to vomiting should be supplemented with saline in time.

7. If you want to prevent vomiting, then you must eat less liquid food 4 hours before the plane takes off until the plane lands.

8. About 10 minutes before boarding, you can wear the electronic anti-collision and anti-emetic device. There are 1-5 gears. Choose the appropriate gear according to your own comfort and adjust the comfortable sitting posture, which has a significant effect on alleviating airsickness.

9. Frequently squeeze your toes, twist your waist, and stand up straight, which will promote blood circulation.

On the plane, many passengers will experience airsickness, vomiting, stomach pain, palpitation, etc. Some are due to their physical fitness, and some are caused by improper diet. Here, GXFLIGHT would like to remind all passengers to pay attention to the above matters before boarding.