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Why Use an Anti-slip Tray Mat on Airplanes?
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Why Use an Anti-slip Tray Mat on Airplanes?


1. Why use anti-slip tray mats on airplanes?

The anti-slip tray mat is a special anti-slip mat that is successfully developed on the basis of industrial tray interlayer anti-slip mat. Due to the phenomena of overweight and weightlessness of the aircraft during its take-off and landing, the tableware items on the aircraft will vibrate slightly.

In order to solve this problem, many airlines put a layer of anti-slip tray mats on passengers' tables, which can be placed above trays on airplanes. Airline anti-slip tray mats can play the role of preventing and protecting passengers' airline tableware, cutlery or food in the trays from falling, preventing items from slipping off during the flight, so that the tray and the dishes are always kept clean and beautiful. Moreover, the anti-slip tray mat reduces the probability of damage to the passengers' cups and dishes during the flight of the aircraft. Therefore, the most important thing of the airline anti-slip tray mat is to prevent the items on the table from slipping off, and it has a good protective effect on the items.

Airlines' logo and design can be printed on the non-slip tray mat for display and publicity.

The airline anti-slip tray mats can be used on airplanes, so they can also be used in life. Whether at home, in restaurants, or in some places where anti-slip mats are needed, anti-slip tray mats can come in handy and can finish its job perfectly.

Why Use an Anti-slip Tray Mat on Airplanes?

2. About the anti-slip tray mat

Anti-slip tray mats are generally divided into double-sided anti-slip and single-sided anti-slip types. The double-sided airline anti-slip tray mat has a better anti-slip effect, and the anti-slip effect can reach 45 degrees, whose use frequency is relatively high. There are usually 3 sizes of airline anti-slip tray mats, including 252x354mm, 252x226mm, and 252x164mm. In addition to producing these three conventional sizes, we can also customize various specifications and sizes according to customer requirements. The airline anti-slip tray mats generally adopt the design of filleted corner cutting.

The function of the airline anti-slip tray mat: Unlike the ordinary paper tray mat, the anti-slip tray mat can reduce the sliding between the tray and the objects, and make the cup more stable. The anti-slip tray mat has an anti-slip function and is convenient to use. The airline anti-slip tray mats can be recycled and are environmentally friendly packaging materials.

The airline pattern can usually be printed on the surface of anti-slip mats, and various patterns can be customized. The beautiful patterns not only enhance the image of the airline, but also make the passengers more pleasant during the flight.