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Analysis of the Market Prospect of Sugarcane Tableware
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Analysis of the Market Prospect of Sugarcane Tableware


Analysis of the Market Prospect of Sugarcane Tableware

1. Airline sugarcane casserole with outstanding performance among tablewares

With the rapid development of technology, people's living standards are getting higher, and more and more attention is paid to the safety, health and environmental protection of tableware. The global demand for tableware is increasing, and the situation of short supply will continue to exist. The development of the tableware industry is gradually moving towards high quality and health!

Due to the accelerated pace of society, the increase in interpersonal communication, the frequent flow of population, the increasing opportunities for eating out, and the increasing number of diseases caused by unqualified tableware, the "COVID-19" and the threat of various infectious diseases, "disease enters by the mouth" has become an true fact. People have awakened from the painful lessons, and the safety of tableware, which is closely related to life, has attracted much attention.

Thus, which kind of tableware can conform to the trend of the times, and meet the requirements of being hygienic, healthy, environmentally friendly, fashionable, recyclable and degradable? The answer is airline sugarcane casserole.

2. Airline sugarcane casserole with high safety and environmental performance is favored by the market

This kind of bagasse tableware includes a sugarcane container or a sugarcane tray, made of 100% bagasse and biodegradable materials, which can be used for hot or cold food.

(1) The airline sugarcane casserole is made of original ecological plant fiber, green and environmentally friendly, which can be degraded naturally without adding any chemical components. It has an embossed design on the back to ensure its hardness and rigidity.

(2) GXFLIGHT airline sugarcane casserole has high temperature tolerance up to 200°C, and has passed the SGS food-grade certification. It is usually used as the main tableware for hot meals. Moreover, it can be baked in the oven or in the microwave.

(3) The mold is physically formed under high temperature and high pressure at 200℃, sterilized by ultraviolet rays, non-toxic, odorless, non-fluorescent, non-plasticizer, safe and hygienic.

(4) GXFLIGHT airline sugarcane casserole can be used in the refrigerator or cold storage room to maintain the original flavor and freshness of the food.

(5) GXFLIGHT airline sugarcane casserole products have passed FDA and compost testing.

(6) GXFLIGHT airline sugarcane casserole can help save resources and protect the environment.

The increase in health and environmental awareness has brought huge business opportunities to the environmentally friendly sugarcane tableware market.