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More Efficient Airline Food Trays
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More Efficient Airline Food Trays


In the aviation industry, profitability and efficiency have always been crucial keywords. Every inch of space and every penny of cost can affect the operation of airlines. In this context, the design and innovation of airline food trays become particularly important. This article will introduce more efficient airline food trays, and how they are helping airlines save costs and improve efficiency.

Airline Food Trays: A New Way to Save Costs

The aviation industry has always faced strict cost control challenges. Each flight requires the management of a large number of resources, including food, drinks, trays, cutlery, etc. Traditional tray designs can take up a lot of storage space, require large supply trucks for transportation, and even involve irrelevant paper on the plane. All of this leads to increased costs and negative impacts on the financial condition of airlines.

To address this challenge, the aviation industry is starting to look for new ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency. This is why more efficient airline food trays are coming into the picture. These innovative tray designs can save storage space, reduce the need for supply trucks, and even lighten the weight of the aircraft, thereby reducing fuel consumption. This series of changes not only benefit cost reduction but also help reduce carbon emissions, achieving a win-win situation.


The GXFLIGHT's airline food trays

As a flight supply provider, GXFLIGHT has been providing efficient solutions for airlines. Among them, the rotating 2/3 size Atlas trays are an innovative product that brings many benefits to airline catering services. These trays are made of non-toxic, tasteless, and heat-resistant ABS materials, ensuring safety and hygiene. The most impressive feature is that the design of these trays allows customization according to customer needs, effectively utilizing space and reducing waste.

The specifications of these 2/3 size Atlas trays are 275×255×15mm, and they weigh only 172 grams. Its lightweight design not only helps reduce the overall weight of the aircraft, thereby reducing fuel consumption, but also reduces operational costs for airlines. In addition, its heat resistance makes it an ideal choice for safely carrying various hot meals.

Innovation in modern airline trays is not limited to materials and weight. The design has also been improved to make the arrangement of food and cutlery more compact, reducing wasted space. The rotating design makes it even more convenient for staff and passengers, improving overall efficiency.

In conclusion, more efficient airline food trays are helping airlines address cost challenges and improve overall operational efficiency. GXFLIGHT will continue to be dedicated to providing innovative flight supplies for the aviation industry to help airlines enhance passenger experience, reduce costs, and have a smaller environmental impact. We believe that through continuous innovation and improvement, the aviation industry will usher in a more prosperous future.