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Types of Travel blankets for Plane
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Types of Travel blankets for Plane


At present, there are many kinds of travel blankets for plane on the market, such as wool blankets, artificial blankets, blended blankets, acrylic blankets.

1. Artificial blankets

It is made of cotton and artificial wool in a crossover way and its structure is similar to that of wool blanket, which looks like wool products. It has bright color, soft feel and good heat retention, but its elasticity and wear resistance are not as good as those of wool blanket. This kind of blanket is used to make aircraft blanket and its wholesale price is naturally relatively low.

2. Blended blankets

This kind of blanket consists of wool and acrylic blended blanket, wool and viscose blended blanket, with wool content of all kinds of blankets above 50%. This kind of blanket has full suede and beautiful appearance. Although it is not as durable as wool blanket, the wholesale price of such travel blanket for plane is cheaper.

3. Acrylic blankets

It is made of acrylic yarn by weaving many coils on the warp surface at the bottom, and then pulling the yarn from the coil. Its feel is plump with bright color and good warmth retention. It is much lighter than the weight of wool blanket.

Guangxi Nanning Flight Supply Trading Co., Ltd. can provide three types of airline travel blankets, which are fire retardant blanket, polyester blanket and wool blanket.

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